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PS4 versus Xbox One


When it comes to the PS4 versus the Xbox One, everyone is wondering which one would be the best one. They want to make the best decision. There are a few things that people should keep in mind if they would like to know the best results.


About The PS4


The thing that people have to keep in mind with the PS4 is that it is a console that was designed for gamers of all types. Including the hardcore gamer crowd, which is something that the Xbox1 kind of cut out of the equation in their latest console. This is a console that is more suited to the hardcore gamer. This is a company that supports indie gaming companies, which means people can get some of the smaller gaming titles. Another one of the phenomenal things about the PS4 is that the console and the controllers look amazing. It is also a console that was designed by gamers with the intention of being for gamers.


If a person wants to have a party with their friends on the PS4 Network, they will be able to do that. Another nice thing is that people will be able to see what their friends are doing by looking at their activities. The one downside of this is that if an individual has a long list of friends, it can be difficult to sift through all the names and find a specific friend if a person is looking for them. There was not any feature that allowed them to search. Also, the navigation of this system is exceptionally simple. In the past, when people went into the Playstation Four Store, they could expect that they might lag a little. However, with the new system they do not lag at all. There is virtually no loading.


Killzone: Shadow Fall


This is a PS4 exclusive and while the graphics are phenomenal and stuffed with detail, it kind of feels sterile and lifeless. Navigating the terrain can seem like a chore. The three classes are differentiated well, and it leaves no question as to everyone’s roles. This game is okay, but it is not the best. For Playstation 4, it could be better.


About The Xbox One


In a way, it kind of seemed like the Xbox One was abandoning their roots and taking less of a gaming approach with their latest console. What is nice about the Xbox One is that people can turn on their console using your voice. It seems like something that is straight out of a science fiction movie! However, considering that the Xbox One is a little clunkier, and it is a little higher priced, it feels like they should be offering more than what they are. Another thing that might annoy some users is that it is also pretty heavy and difficult to move around. The design is something that many people have compared to an old VCR, and it can sometimes be hard to get past that fact. The one nice thing is that the Xbox One does run a little quieter than what the PS4 runs.


Another new feature is that people have the ability to watch TV from their console. People can even set their favorite channels. This is something that is totally new and innovative. The store also functions pretty well, but it can lag if an individual were to try juggling multiple applications. This is a great choice for someone who watches a lot of TV. Also, there are voice commands for literally everything including if you want to do a barrel roll, which is an interesting addition. The Kinect has been massively improved since the Xbox 360.


Ryse Son Of Rome


This is an Xbox One exclusive that comes with stunning graphics. It is a good action game. The one complaint that could be raised is that there are times where it could feel like it gets a little repetitive. The game looks nice, but some people have said that it offers virtually no real gameplay. Also, it can be overly simplistic, which can be annoying when someone is looking for something that requires a little more thinking. It can be the type of game that ends up feeling like a chore.


Overall, people should choose the console they want based on the features that are offered. Do they want something that is made for the hardcore gamers, or are they looking for something that is less dedicated to gaming, but it offers a lot of other entertainment features. This is the best way to make the right decision when choosing a console.