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Nintendo 3DS: Updates and optimization

3dsxlThe most recent Nintendo 3DS online update to hit the system will unify the shopping features between the Wii U and the 3DS. This update allows users of both consoles and shopping networks to share a username in order to move cross platform purchases. The other new feature rolled into this update is the launch of the Miiverse social network. The Miiverse icon will be added to 3DS owners launch screens and allow users to log in and operate like any other conventional social network. Another feature that may be included in the future is a 3d casino. Users will be able to communicate with their Miis, share screenshots, and log what games they are playing. Other minor tweaks include the ability to launch the camera function from the home screen by pressing the L and R button together and reducing the limit on transferring 3DS data from 5 times to unlimited.





3dszeldaRight now the Nintendo 3DS is considered one of the strongest handheld consoles to ever hit the market. Nintendo has pushed the limits on technology and mobile gaming to a point that inspires confidence in every release that they put out. The Nintendo DS, which was already a stalwart station in the age of mobile gaming, has been quickly relegated to the back burner as the 3DS continues to move at the forefront.

As always, with Nintendo products, the strength of the system is buoyed by the strength of the gaming catalog. Nintendo favorites Animal Crossing and Pokemon were first on the scene in establishing the 3DS as a must own console. Animal Crossing: A New Leaf reunites Wild World players with similar functions while enhancing graphics and player options in terms of customization for the user and their town. Pokemon makes its annual dual release, this time with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and it does so with a bang. This time players will be invited to play their handheld Pokemon in a fully 3D environment. Gone are the days of 2D cartoonish graphics. Pokemon X and Y now support ta 3D isometric view for all over world battling and a Pokemon Stadium style of approach for all trainer battles.

Looking past just the video games it can be seen that the Nintendo 3DS is more than just a handheld gaming device. The console now features the best camera it has ever had, on board, which now can be used in social aspects and actual fun video gaming. The 3DS has an augmented reality feature for on board mini games that truly pushes the hardware and different gaming capabilities.


3dsgamesAs it can be seen the Nintendo 3DS was not hesitant in attempting to push the limits on what the console can accomplish. Just looking at the titles that came out at launch one can readily see that the 3DS is fighting to establish itself as a long term solution to handheld gaming. With the constant nature of updates, standalone releases, and exclusive Nintendo products there is no reason to ever doubt the masterminds behind the Nintendo gaming market of America.